Benefits of Sharing Food

There I am sitting in the cardiologist’s waiting room thinking “I hope my arteries are clear. What if the stress test reveals blockages?”

I look back and think how I have lived my life and what I chose to put into my body. I remember a lot of people around dinner tables and lots of […]

The Mediterranean Diet

The pyramid below shows in what proportions the peoples of the Mediterranean have been consuming different foodstuffs for generations for a healthy diet. The trick for the rest of us is to make use their multitude of recipes to introduce this diet to our 21st Century fast paced lives. Through ‘the gourmetouch’, we hope we […]

Pub scenes and the kofte balls

In Australia we are increasingly upping the ante when it comes to pub food. Years ago, when you had pub food, it was either salted peanuts from a dispenser, or basic fare such as mince pies and boiled vegetables. These days most pubs have accomplished chefs and cooks able to dish up modern and vibrant […]