Rose Ice Cream w/ Turkish Delight

A recipe by Ty

Okay, I have got to fess up here and announce that I do not get into the kitchen too much. Couldn’t tell you which spice cupboard  houses the cumin; wouldn’t know which chopping board to use for vegetables. My strong suit is the Weber (out in the courtyard) and this ice cream dish (well, nearish to the kitchen). On the whole, most blokes can manage a medium-rare steak on their favourite BBQ without much fuss. So I won’t tell you how to suck eggs, but the ice-cream needs a few words. Get three ingredients;

Rose petal jam
Turkish delight
Vanilla ice cream

Minimal effort for a huge return

Now listen to this; grab as much ice cream as you think necessary – but make sure its top of the range blue ribbon stuff. Let it soften up a little. Pour as much rose petal jam as you think necessary – depending on how sweet you like your desserts – into the softened ice cream. Get some rose Turkish delight and tear them into smaller pieces or cut them neatly into smaller cubes – whatever turns you on. Now mix these into the ice cream as well and stir them all through. Done.

Put the mixture back into the freezer to set and serve it to your guests in a nice bowl – perhaps decorated with rose petals as you see above . That makes it look as if it took you three days to prepare and you read Heston’s “the Fat Duck” cookbook.

For this ‘minimal effort’ I love the expressions of “wow” from my guests. “This is so original”, “You can’t buy this at Woolies”, and so it goes. Just lap it up.

Oh, if you can’t find the ingredients, come along to whichever markets we happen to be at on a Sunday. We have them there, or they can be found at Mt.Druitt or Auburn.

N.B: The Turkish delight goes rock hard when frozen but becomes gummy and soft as you suck on it. Very sensual if you ask me. If I was a single man, this would be my dessert of choice for my female companion after I had fed her steak and chips. Sorry girls, there is no such thing as the perfect male.

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